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Award-Winning, Large-Screen, Audio/Video Monitoring System


*Factory Refurbished* 




With more benefits than we can mention, the MobiCam DXR has won numerous national awards and high praise. Impressive optics include a high-resolution quad monitor screen, wide camera viewing angle and infrared night vision up to 40 feet. The Communication module features voice-activation and 2-way talk-back to keep families in contact. DXR is expandable up to 4 cameras* with simultaneous viewing. Plus you can record to an SD card* via the built-in SD card slot.


*Additional DXR Cameras are sold separately (item # 70205) and no SD Memory Card is included".
"This is a Special Pricing and Availability on a Limited Qty of Factory Refurbished Systems with Full Warranty" Products may have small cosmetic marks from prior use.
Item #70204-RB
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MC DXR Additional Camera
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Mobicam DXR Digital Monitoring System

Product Description

The MobiCam DXR has won numerous prestigious national awards and high praise: Parenting Magazine’s “Baby Talk-Most Innovative”, Mom's Choice Gold, National Parenting Center Seal of Approval, Reader's Favorite Baby & Children's Product News and Babble’s Top 100 Newborn Essentials. Featuring two-way audio communication and built-in recording capability, the MobiCam Digital DXR Audio/Video Monitoring System provides versatile, portable surveillance for the home or office. A high-resolution, 3.5-inch color LCD monitor receives audio and video from up to 450 feet away and provides night vision up to 40 feet. The DXR Monitoring System can also record transmissions directly to an SD card (card sold separately), ensuring you never miss a moment. The Quad Split Screen option allows you to monitor up to four cameras at the same time, giving you exceptional oversight of your home or business (additional cameras sold separately). And with its compact design and rechargeable battery, the monitor can be used wirelessly, making it easy to move from room to room.

Parenting Seal
of Approval
Baby & Children’s
Product News
Reader’s Favorite
– Top 100
Newborn Essentials
Mom’s Choice
Gold Level


Insert an SD card and start recording, no computer necessary.

High-Resolution, Color LCD Display for Crisp Picture

The MobiCam Digital DXR Audio/Video Color Monitoring System features a 3.5-inch LCD screen that delivers high-definition color video, making it easy to keep a super-sharp eye on activities. A convenient kickstand is built into the monitor for hands-free viewing, and an extra-wide camera angle provides a broad range of the area being monitored. For a bigger picture, you can also view your image on a computer or laptop via USB connection (cable included).

Record Video and Never Miss a Moment

To ensure every important moment is captured, the Digital DXR doubles as a video-recording device. No PC is required--just insert an SD card in the monitor's slot (SD card sold separately) and record up to 32 hours. The monitor can be set to record manually or automatically when a sound is detected.



The included wall mount lets you position the MobiCam for optimal surveillance.

Store and Share Footage

Each video file from the Digital DXR is recorded with a date-and-time stamp in standard AVI format. It can be easily played and scrolled through like a DVR recording, letting you review what you may have missed throughout the day. You can review footage using either your PC or the MobiCam monitor, and then decide whether to archive or share your recordings on YouTube, Facebook, or via email.

Private, Secure Transmissions

The Digital DXR has a range of up to 450 feet and utilizes an advanced digital signal to ensure that your transmissions are private and secure.


The quad split screen option lets you monitor four cameras at the same time (additional cameras
sold separately). View larger.

Two-Way Audio Communication Brings Families Close

Unlike conventional monitors which only receive video signals from the camera, the MobiCam Digital DXR also supports two-way audio communication between the camera and monitor, allowing both parties to easily stay in contact with each other. This is especially important for communication to little ones, seniors, and housebound family members as well as business applications.

Included Software Lets You Stream Audio and Video Online

Included with the DXR monitor is the MobiCam Anywhere software, which allows you to connect to a computer, notepad, or smartphone via USB and stream video and audio online. The software is downloadable from Mobi's web site and is designed for nontechnical people to be able to review footage via Internet--from virtually anywhere in the world.



The DXR has a range of up to 450 feet for surveillance from afar. View larger.

Night Vision and Voice Activated Picture and Sound

Stay watchful at night using the automatic infrared night vision mode with a 40-foot range. With voice-activated picture and sound, your monitor will remain on standby until a sound is detected in the area you're monitoring. The sound will then trigger the monitor's audio and video signal, so you can see and hear what's happening.

Expandable Up to Four Cameras with the Quad Screen Feature

With the option to integrate up to four cameras, the Digital DXR can substantially expand your observable domain (additional cameras sold separately). All four video feeds can be viewed simultaneously with the new Quad Screen Feature, giving you exceptional oversight of your home or business.



Also Works as a USB Webcam

Connect the Digital DXR to your PC via USB (cable included) to chat online with friends and family. The camera is compatible with popular chat services such as Skype, Microsoft Messenger, Google Video, Yahoo Messenger, and others. Using the USB port, you can also take advantage of the MobiCam Anywhere software to stream your footage online so it can be accessed on an Internet-enabled PC or cell phone.


Wired or Wireless Monitor Operation

In addition to standard power plug-in, the Digital DXR monitor comes with a rechargeable, eight hour lithium-ion battery, making it easy to carry from room to room. An on-screen indicator tells you when the battery is running low. It also switches automatically to energy conservation mode when the power is low.


Child Safety Caution

Mobi has included clear warnings in the DXR manual: never place a corded electronic device within arm’s reach of children. Our cords are equipped with large, clear warning tags. We join all efforts in the public and private sectors to encourage responsible use of monitors and other similar devices.


Customize Your Monitoring Range

Sensitivity settings on the camera-scan and voice-activation modes allow you to customize your monitoring range. Convenient alarms tell you when the battery is low, when the camera is out of range, and when a voice has been detected.


What's in the Box

Monitor unit, camera unit, two AC/DC power adapters, rechargeable Li-ion battery, adjustable camera stand / wall mount with screws and anchors, USB cable, instruction manual, and MobiCam Anywhere software (free via online download).

MobiCam Monitoring Systems
  MobiCam Digital DXR MobiCam Digital DL
Screen Display 3.5-inch LCD 2.4-inch LCD
Transmission Range up to 450 feet up to 300 feet
Night Vision Range 40 feet 20 feet
Expandable To 4 cameras 4 cameras
Battery Operation Built in rechargeable Lithium-Ion Alkaline Battery/AC
Voice Activation
Audio-Only Mode
Two-Way Audio Communication  
SD Card Slot for Recording  
USB to PC Connection
Use as WebCam


No installation needed Transmission range up to 450 feet
3.5-inch high resolution color LCD display Eight-hour built-in rechargeable polymer Li-Ion battery in monitor
Use as wireless webcam compatible with Skype, Windows and Yahoo Messenger, and Google Video Powerful night vision with 40-foot range
Two-way audio communication Automatic recording based on sound, on demand, or continuous recording
Built-in recording capability to standard SD memory card (not included) Bonus MobiCam Anywhere PC software via download
Expandable up to 4 cameras Private 2.4GHz secure digital signal over a wide area


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