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Getting To Know The MobiCam HDX, Available At Target This Holiday Season

Getting To Know The MobiCam HDX, Available At Target This Holiday Season

A wifi baby monitor is an excellent gift for a family expecting a child this holiday season or soon after. It’s also an essential component of every nursery that should be on your baby shower gift registry. Whether yours comes from a holiday gift, your baby shower or you buy it yourself, be sure to choose or request the MobiCam HDX, the best combination of features, quality and affordability.


The MobiCam HDX HD WiFi Pan & Tilt Monitoring System (https://www.target.com/p/mobicam-hdx-pan-38-tilt-smart-hd-wifi-video-baby-monitor-monitoring-system-wifi-camera-with-2-way-audio/-/A-77287701) is available at Target and comes with a range of features you’ll like. These include the ability to view your video feed from any location in the world using your smart phone and the ability to play lullabies through the wifi baby monitor using your phone.


But how do these features work? And how are they useful? Let’s take a look.


See Multiple Views From Any Location


With some video baby monitors, you can see only a single view and must carry a clunky viewer with you. The range may be limited. With the MobiCam HDX, there’s no viewing screen deal with – and you can connect as many as 15 other cameras to your home’s wifi network and manage them all from your Mobi BABY app.


That means, for example, that you can set one camera for a wide angle of the nursery. Don’t see the baby in the crib? Use the pan, tilt and zoom to locate your child and the babysitter in the rocking chair in the corner. Still can’t see anyone? Check the living room camera to see your home’s occupants happily playing on the sofa. Check your kitchen, the backyard camera or the view from the garage. You can zoom in, pan around or tilt, seeing almost all the way around the camera.


The Mobi BABY app, available for Android and iOS, can deal with 16 views and show you up to 4 views at once – so you can keep up with your children and everything happening in your home no matter where you are. As long as your home has a wifi network, you can use your smart phone to check in from anywhere in the world with a good connection.


Speak With And Play Lullabies To Your Children


An included feature of the Mobi BABY app allows you to play prerecorded lullabies to your child or children through the wifi baby monitor from wherever you are. This means you can participate in an ancient bedtime ritual even when you have to be out late, away on business or dealing with other family matters in another city.


This lullaby feature is possible because of the speaker included as part of the MobiCam HDX unit. But this device doesn’t just include a speaker; there’s a microphone too. Using the app’s two-way audio feature, you can carry on a conversation with anyone near one of your cameras. Your smart phone serves as your microphone and speaker while the MobiCam HDX handles the other end of the conversation.


That means you can speak to your baby and other children, give the babysitter new instructions and listen for responses. And since you’re speaking to them through the baby monitor, you can see if anyone’s paying attention!


A Long List Of Other Features


The MobiCam HDX includes other features too. The most important is smooth HD video that makes it easy to see what’s happening in detail. The pan, tilt and 2x digital zoom mean you can see specific things in every room, not just a single wide view.


Other features include night vision that allows you to see up to 40 feet in the dark, online and offline recording, advanced security to prevent unauthorized access and easy voice-prompt setup.


Motion alerts mean you know when to check-in, especially if you and your children are out together and you aren’t expecting anyone to be in the home. And for those times when you can’t check-in yourself, you can authorize up to 15 other users to see the feeds from your cameras – and revoke access and lock them out when you’re home.


You can even record clips through the app and share them quickly and simply to social media. The MobiCam HDX (https://www.target.com/p/mobicam-hdx-pan-38-tilt-smart-hd-wifi-video-baby-monitor-monitoring-system-wifi-camera-with-2-way-audio/-/A-77287701) also has a separate recording feature that will store up to 30 days of recordings on an optional SD memory card.


So no matter how you get one, get a MobiCam HDX for your nursery. But don’t turn down any extras you may get as gifts. Most households will want several – because there’s always another corner of your home you may want to keep an eye on.

Easy To Use For Everyone, A Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Is Essential For Some

Easy To Use For Everyone, A Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Is Essential For Some

A carefully chosen wrist blood pressure monitor is a quiet, easy-to-use and accurate alternative to a monitor that measures at the upper arm. But there is some confusion about how to best use a wrist monitor – and about who should use one. Let’s clear up a few things so you can purchase confidently.


Anyone can get an accurate reading with a wrist blood pressure monitor like the MOBI Health Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor, available from Amazon and other retailers. If you have a particularly large or small arm, measuring on the upper arm may not be possible because the cuff of an upper arm unit won’t adjust properly for you. In those cases, a wrist unit is essential for staying on top of your blood pressure numbers.


Are Wrist BP Monitors Accurate?


Traditionally, there has been a belief by some researchers and medical professionals that upper arm BP monitors are more accurate than those that measure at the wrist. Why? In most cases, user error with wrist devices is to blame. Inaccurate wrist readings are most often caused by improper arm positioning or use of a substandard device.


If you have a very large or very small arm, getting an accurate blood pressure reading is challenging in the best of cases. Upper arm cuffs don’t fit, and there’s a risk of not using a wrist unit properly. Yet if you are obese or have anorexia, for example, a wrist BP monitor may be your only option.


To use your wrist unit correctly, your wrist must be at the same level as your heart. This is crucial. When blood pressure is measured with the unit in the wrong position, the results may be too low or too high.


Not sure you’re getting an accurate reading? A great way to verify the accuracy of your wrist blood pressure monitor is to take it with you to your next doctor’s appointment. Check the results of your device against the reading the doctor and staff gets using whatever device they prefer. If you both get close to the same number, you can be certain of your device’s accuracy. If you don’t, you’ll have to decide for yourself which device is malfunctioning.


You can also take your device with you to a local health fair. Many big-box, discount or grocery stores with pharmacies hold monthly or quarterly health fairs where pros will take your blood pressure for you – giving you another number you can compare to the results from your device. You also may be able to get other tests performs at these fairs at no cost or for a very low fee. If you’ve chosen a good brand of device, results from your wrist blood pressure monitor should be very close to those taken using other methods.


Who Needs To Monitor Their BP?


Everyone benefits from occasionally checking their blood pressure to make sure the numbers are where they should be. Your doctor may recommend you check your BP in certain specific circumstances or if you fall into certain groups. In general, these people should keep a close check on their numbers:


Those with known medical issues. Hypertension (high blood pressure) or hypotension (low blood pressure) can be part of having a heart condition or a side effect of some medications. Check as often as your doctor recommends, which may be daily.


Pregnant women. When you’re pregnant, two lives are at stake with every beat of your heart. Daily tracking can help you discover complications or help put your mind at ease. A range of pregnancy complications are related to high blood pressure as a cause or symptom.


Athletes. Those who train hard and push the limits of their bodies must monitor blood pressure – with an arm or wrist blood pressure monitor – to make sure they aren’t pushing too hard and putting too much stain on their hearts.


MOBI To The Rescue


If you aren’t sure which wrist BP monitor to buy, the MOBI Health Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is an accurate and affordable choice. It’s easy to set up, easy to use and features one of the largest readouts available on a compact wrist monitor. It also checks pulse rate, can detect an irregular heartbeat and stores up to 120 readings in 2 groups for tracking your numbers and those of a family member.


When you go with a proven brand with a great reputation, you can depend on the accuracy. And you can follow the steps mentioned above to prove that accuracy for yourself.

Underlying Causes Of High Blood Pressure Must Be Treated

Underlying Causes Of High Blood Pressure Must Be Treated

Millions of Americans make dietary changes and take pills to lower their blood pressure, but a surprising number of underlying conditions can cause or worsen high blood pressure. For optimal health, it’s important to watch your blood pressure carefully and get the treatment you need for any conditions that may be causing your numbers to be elevated.


An arm blood pressure monitor like the inexpensive, dependable MOBI Health Arm Blood Pressure Monitor is the best way to monitor blood pressure at home. How often you should check your blood pressure and what you should do to correct a number that’s out of line is something you must discuss with your doctor.


Understanding High Blood Pressure


Hypertension or high BP is a very common condition involving long-term pressing of the blood in your body against your artery walls at a force high enough that health problems like heart disease and stroke could result. Pressure is determined by both how much blood your heart pumps and how much resistance to the flow there is in your arteries. When your heart pumps a lot of blood and arteries are narrow, your blood pressure can be quite high.


High blood pressure is often called a silent killer because this condition can exist in your body for many years with no symptoms at all. Still, this force is doing damage to your heart and blood vessels without you knowing it. As you age, the damage piles up – and your risk for serious medical problems from high BP grows.


In most cases, the condition doesn’t happen overnight but is instead cumulative in its impact, eventually happening to almost everyone. But an arm blood pressure monitor is the most widely recognized way to detect hypertension so you can be fully informed and work with your doctor to control it.


Underlying Causes Of High Blood Pressure


When you’re diagnosed with high blood pressure, you likely have either genetic or lifestyle issues that contributes to the condition. Genetic risk factors include having a family history of the condition and being of Caribbean or African origin, among others. Lifestyle factors include lack of exercise, eating a lot of salt, drinking too much alcohol, smoking, long-term sleep issues and being overweight.


Most cases of high BP are due to lifestyle issues and can be lowered with lifestyle and dietary changes. About 1 in 20 cases, however, is the result of an underlying health condition or medicine you’re taking for something else. Some of the health situations that cause elevated blood pressure include:

  • Diabetes
  • Kidney disease, including narrowing of arteries to the kidneys and glomerulonephritis, damage to the filters inside the kidneys
  • Obstructive sleep apnea, which involves a narrowing of the throat during sleep that interrupts normal breathing
  • Hormonal issues, including underactive or overactive thyroid, hyperaldosteronism, acromegaly and Cushing's syndrome
  • Lupus, a wide-ranging autoimmune system that impacts joints, skin and other organs
  • Scleroderma, a condition involving thickened skin and sometimes organ and blood vessel issues.


A number of medications for other conditions can cause hypertension. These include steroids, the contraceptive pill, ibuprofen, naproxen and other NSAIDs, many cough and cold remedies, herbal remedies that contain licorice, recreational drugs including amphetamines and cocaine and some antidepressants. In these cases, blood pressure may – or may not – return to normal when you stop taking the medication. But you should never change or stop a medication without consulting your prescriber.


A Smart, Affordable Arm Blood Pressure Monitor


As reliable as it is accurate, the MOBI Health Series Arm Blood Pressure Monitor, available on Amazon, is a sphygmomanometer that has a lot going for it. Because it’s lightweight and easy to use, it’s the perfect portable BP monitor. The 120-reading memory capacity with date and time stamp allows you to keep track of past readings. A hypertension alert indicator tells you if your reading exceeds internationally recognized systolic and diastolic standards. Plus, the unit is small so it can be carried and used discreetly for measuring your heart health no matter where you go.


Additional features of this arm blood pressure monitor include:

  • One-touch setup and use
  • Pulse reading along with systolic and diastolic numbers
  • Irregular heartbeat detection
  • Large LCD display that’s easy to read
  • Almost silent operation
  • Auto shutdown to save power
  • And more.


Part of living with high blood pressure or preventing it is monitoring your numbers and making smart changes when possible to help bring your levels under control. An arm blood pressure monitor is one way to know your situation so you can take control of it.



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