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Use Science And Your MobiCam Pet Monitor To Soothe Your Pet – From Wherever You Are

Use Science And Your MobiCam Pet Monitor To Soothe Your Pet – From Wherever You Are

Using sound for soothing pets is big business – but why? A quick glance at just about any music source online shows a wide array of playlists and CDs for calming pets with nature sounds, music and other carefully chosen noises. Hyperactive dogs seem to be a particular target, and some sounds have been shown to have a positive impact on cats and other companion animals as well.


But why are there so many companies trying to get in on this trend? That’s a simple answer: Science and experience prove that soothing pets with sound really works. That’s why the revamped MobiCam PET app now includes a selection of nature sounds and white noise.


Even better, the app is free – and it works with both MobiCam pet monitor models. You can play music from your smart phone app through the speakers on your wifi monitor for pets without the need for any additional device. And you can do it from the next room, across the street or anywhere you happen to be in the world.


Brains Respond To Soothing Sounds


There has been extensive research into how sounds – and in particular, music – impact the human brain. For animals, there’s less research, and most of it is on dogs. But there’s still clear scientific evidence and lots of experience thats shows clearly what a positive effect the right sounds can have.


Studies in dogs and other companion animals have shown that some sounds and some types of music have a beneficial effect on mood and behavior. Bad moods can be changed into good ones when the right sounds are played.


One often-quoted study was conducted by Dr. Lori R. Kogen, a professor at Colorado State College of Veterinary Medicine. Published in the Journal of Veterinary Behavior, it looked at 117 dogs in shelters and how they responded to classical and heavy metal music. The study found that certain classical melodies had a calming effect while some metal music, perhaps unsurprisingly, agitated. Other studies found that so-called easy listening music also has a positive impact on animal moods.


It’s accepted that the level of cortisol – the stress hormone in humans and many animals – is lowered by some sounds. It is also known that parts of the limbic system responsible for emotion as well as the auditory cortex are involved.


The impact, vets believe, isn’t just psychological. It happens physiologically in the body and involves the autonomic system – the system that controls the fight-or-flight response. Dogs exposed to certain sounds have lower heart rates, rest better and vocalize less.


Try Different Sounds To Improve Your Results


Whether you’re playing sounds to your pet through your wifi pet monitor, another device or performing them in person, don’t get stuck only on sounds that you like. You’ll find that trying several different sounds will make it more likely that you’ll stumble upon something appealing your animal.


Researchers believe that multiple factors are involved in calming an animal, including tone, rhythm, speed and more. And not all animals respond in exactly the same way. Plus, whether you like a sound or not isn’t a factor in whether it will have a calming impact on your pet – unfortunately.


That’s why the new version of the MobiCam PET app includes an array of nature sounds and white noise. Additional research indicates that white noise can cover other undesirable noises and provide a consistent baseline sound that makes sleeping easier and deeper.


A high-quality speaker is included in both the ultra-affordable MobiCam Multipurpose Monitoring System and the feature-rich MobiCam HDX with pan and tilt capabilities. These cameras have other useful features too, including two-way audio that allows you to speak through the speaker and listen to whether your voice has had a positive impact. Cameras can even see up to 40 feet in the dark, allowing you to watch as your companion animals fall asleep – or not.


When our animals are stressed or simply unsettled, we can feel the stress as well. With a MobiCam device and the MobiCam PET app, you can decrease your pet’s stress, reduce separation anxiety and make it easier for everyone when you have to be away. And this remarkable ability is in addition to the main purpose of the unit, making sure your pet is always safe.

A Video Baby Monitor For An Empty House? It’s More Useful Than You Think

A Video Baby Monitor For An Empty House? It’s More Useful Than You Think

A video baby monitor that you can see remotely can keep an eye on more than just your baby. When you’re away and the house is empty, it can serve as a security camera or help augment your existing security system. The right wifi baby monitor can serve as your eyes – and ears – when you and the other members of your family are away for the day at work and school or gone for the weekend or longer for a vacation getaway.


Multiple MobiCam devices can be connected to the same system, giving you a look at every room of your home as well as the yard, if you like. Up to 16 cameras can be viewed through our exclusive BABY app or PET app, and you can see 4 views at a time. Inexpensive and easy-to-setup MobiCam wifi home monitoring cameras can also see up to 40 feet in the dark and feature two-way audio so you can listen to what’s happen and even talk back.


A Word About A Different Kind Of Security


Of course, you don’t want anyone other than you and your authorized users seeing what’s happening in your home, so MobiCam products are designed from the start with security in mind. The encrypted signal sent from your devices through your home wifi network and to your cellular device can only be seen by those with the proper password. You can lock everyone out or allow up to 15 others – like your spouse and your mother, for example – to see the feed. Change authorized users whenever you want.


Obviously, a camera connected to the Internet can cause security concerns if you select the wrong camera. But there are 3 facts that should help you rest easy about using a wifi baby monitor or other home monitoring camera:


  1. Hacking is very rare. While any Internet-connected device is subject to hacking if improperly secured, even bad devices are rarely hacked. The amount of information about your home that can be gained is relatively little compared with the effort and technology required for gaining access to a camera or other device.


  1. Low-end cameras without security are most likely to be compromised. MobiCams have built-in security protocols and encryption to ensure that unauthorized access isn’t a concern for the brand’s users. Buying a high-quality video baby monitor from a respected company like MOBI is your best line of defense against someone gaining unauthorized access.


  1. A protected wifi network is essential. A home wifi network with a firewall is essential to the security of your home monitoring camera, and your network is probably already well-protected. Having a firewall and other security measures in place on your wifi network protects your documents, videos, photos and everything you do with your connected devices – not just your wifi baby monitor. Strong passwords help too.


Uses For A Video Monitoring System When No One Is Home


When you and your family aren’t at home, you can see what’s happening and make sure your property and possessions are safe. You can see water leaks before they become disasters, see when there’s a malfunction of home equipment and determine if a natural disaster or storm has impacted your home.


And remember, your home may not really be empty every time you’re away. Often, our pets roam freely or wait patiently in their areas for our return. You can use a wifi baby monitor to make sure all is well with Fido and Fluffy while you’re away – so you can send a friend or neighbor over to put things right if something doesn’t look as it should.


You may also have maintenance workers from your apartment or association in your home or a handyman that needs a bit of oversight. You can see how these fixers are doing and even talk with them through the camera.


When you’re not in, a wifi baby monitor that’s visible through a parted curtain could also serve as a deterrent to a home break-in. With so many homes unprotected by video surveillance, why would a thief break into a place with visible cameras?


A MobiCam may often be called a wifi baby monitor, but it’s much more than that. It’s a way to look in on your home – even when no one’s there. Or should we say, when no one is supposed to be there? Once you know what’s going on, you can take action. That’s real power for the protection of your home and family.

Respond To New Skills To Help Keep Growing Babies Safe, Experts Say

Respond To New Skills To Help Keep Growing Babies Safe, Experts Say

Before a child is born, parents often spend substantial time and money baby-proofing their homes to help keep their children safe. You may have covered electrical outlets in areas the child can access, installed wifi baby monitors and more. But parents often forget to consider the changing skill level of a growing child when making and keeping a home safe for children who don’t yet know what can hurt them.


In the early years of their lives, children advance quickly, changing almost daily and sometimes developing new skills before you realize it. For total home safety, you must think about what a child is capable of doing based on their current developmental stage. When an advancing child moves from the confines of a crib, what can he or she reach, grab, crawl to or walk to?


A wifi baby camera is an important part of home safety. For Canadian parents, watching those skills develop and preventing injuries before they happen is now easier than ever – because the affordable MobiCam and the feature-rich MobiCam HDX with pan, tilt and zoom are now available on Walmart.ca.


Look For Potential Dangers At A Child’s Level


Monitoring, however, is only one piece of the puzzle in keeping a growing child safe. To locate and eliminate hazards before they become incidents or accidents, get down to a child’s level and look for potential problems.


What constitutes a hazard? Anything that a child can touch or even see while lying on the floor is a potential problem. As the child grows, things within sitting reach could be an issue. Then, you must concern yourself with things that can be reached from standing or climbing.


Only by getting on the ground and seeing the world through a child’s eyes can you see all the potential hazards. And of course, you can use your wifi baby camera to watch for things that catch your infant’s or toddler’s eye and take action to eliminate those things or make them safe as well.


According to Prevent Child Injury, a joint effort of several Canadian universities, organizations and public health authorities, you can take action to eliminate hazards that lead to 4 common kinds of child injuries:


Prevent falls. Children will climb on anything, so it makes sense to eliminate as many climbing opportunities as possible. Children can even climb on furniture near a window – like a crib, dresser or changing table – and fall out an open window, so secure all windows. Additionally, tall furniture that isn’t attached to a wall can present a tipping hazard, and serious injury is likely if a heavy piece of furniture falls on a child. (Note that pets or others in a room can cause tip-over accidents that lead to child injury as well.)


Eliminate scalds and burns. Just a second or two in hot water can cause up to third-degree burns, creating a lifetime of medical issues for a child who was healthy and happy just moments before. While there is some disagreement about what temperature a child’s bathwater should be, you can prevent serious injuries by setting the water heater in your home to 49 degrees C – that’s 120 degrees F – or lower. (A MOBI health thermometer can help you determine if bathwater, food and bottle milk are at a safe temperature.)


Preclude fire death. All it takes to give you and your child a fighting chance of surviving a house fire is a smoke detector on every level and just outside every bedroom, including the nursery. An additional smoke detector in the child’s room never hurts either. Plus, carbon monoxide detectors can prevent silent and odorless gas from a heating system malfunction or other sources from harming your family.


Stop poisoning risks. The easiest way to stop a poisoning from happening is to keep medicines, vitamins, plants, makeup, alcohol, cleaning supplies and everything else out of your child’s reach. If you believe your child may have consumed something he or she shouldn’t have, reach the American Association of Poison Control Centers at 800-222-1222 or Ontario Poison Centre in Canada (or a local center closer to home) at 800-268-9017.


Keeping a child safe includes many components, and it’s important to change your approach as the child grows and develops new skills. When you take the right actions – including installing a MobiCam baby monitoring system so you can always see what’s happening – your whole family can live safely and happily in a home that works for you rather than against you.



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