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6 Great Tips For Helping Your Dog Feel Safe And Comfortable When Home Alone

How long you can leave a dog at home alone before he or she starts to feel stress isn’t easy to determine. Some dogs like to be alone while others – most dogs, actually – would prefer to have you around all the time. With a wifi pet camera and other smart measures in place, you can take good care of your dog and provide peace of mind for yourself.

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Watch Your Pets Anytime And From Anywhere With Technology You May Already Have

Is Fluffy still pining for you at the front door? Does Spot sit on the off-limits sofa when the humans aren’t at home? These and other burning questions will be answered when you keep an eye on your pets with a wifi pet camera app that you can access from anywhere with your smart phone.

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Why Babies Love Shushing, Electric Fans And Other White Noise

If you think about it, consistent loud sound is what a baby experiences in the womb, so it’s no surprise that babies love white noise. Now, a new app for MobiCam devices makes it possible to play white noise or lullabies from your smart phone through the MobiCam wifi baby monitor in your child’s room, allowing you to participate in the parenting process even when you can’t be there.

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