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Innovation in Digital Thermometers

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Unique Features

Only Found with Mobi Thermometers

  • Heart Rate Tracking

    Utilize the pulse rate mode in combination with body temperature monitoring for fertility methods as Basel, IVF and Ovulation cycles.

  • Talking Readout

    Unique talking ear & forehead thermometer. Talking readout in 3 languages. Ideal for persons that are visually impaired.

  • Patented Medication Reminder Alarm

    Health check and medication reminder alarm so that your loved ones don’t miss a single dosage of medication

  • Built-in Flashlight

    Built-in flashlight option makes nighttime monitoring easier and less intrusive.

About Mobi

Our company is based on a simple design philosophy: Everything we create must be unique, beneficial and feature-rich. Plus, we insist that our products are made of quality materials that will stand the test of time. MOBI puts excellent innovation, design and technology together to bring smart choices to the marketplace. Our health, home and on-the-go products are designed with today's active, healthy lifestyles in mind.

Look for MOBI products – including our digital thermometers, Bluetooth speakers and night lights – at major retailers in the United States and beyond. We value our retail partners as well as our customers, and we understand that you're key to our success.

  • PRIME Ear & Forehead Digital Thermometer

    Prime is our most compact design in our DualScan family of thermometers. Our unique DS technology and sensors assures a fast and accurate temperature reading. The ergonomic size makes it portable and easy to store. Prime requires no probe covers. Bright LED screen allows for quick view and the memory function stores up to the last 30 readings. Compact, portable and ultra-quick 1 second reading makes the Prime a versatile thermometer for all your health monitoring.

  • Ultra Pulse Talking Ear & Forehead Thermometer

    In our quest to design an “All In One” health and wellness device, the Ultra Pulse’s usefulness expanded beyond everyday health monitoring. The pulse rate monitoring, in conjunction with a body thermometer, plus memory recall made it a perfect tool for monitoring fertility treatment cycles. The talking audible feature is used by the visually impaired; with a clear and easy to operate interface, the Ultra Pulse is preferred by many of those that struggle to find products that cater to their specific visual needs.

  • Health Check Forehead Thermometer

    Our design ensures an accurate and fast 1 second reading each time. Health Check requires no probe covers and cleans easily to ensure a hygienic device. The mini flashlight helps parents and caregivers to take temperatures in the dark without disturbance. Now with a large screen and ergonomic design, simpler to use and enhanced with our Medication Reminder. Discover the benefits of our Health Check thermometer.Two options for taking temperature. The traditional “in ear” method preferred by physicians and the easy.

  • DualScan™ Air Non-Contact Forehead Digital Thermometer

    The DualScan Air Non-Contact Digital Forehead thermometer offers an intrusive-free ability to check the temperature of your loved ones in 1 second without touching them. It allows you to have a fast and accurate reading without the possibility of spreading germs and disturbing them while they are resting.