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Play Lullabies Through Your Wifi Baby Monitor As Part Of Centuries-Old Ritual

When you play lullabies to your baby through your video baby monitor, you’re participating in a longstanding traditional way of quieting a child and sending them off to the best sleep possible. And thanks to modern technology, you can be part of this sleep ritual even when you aren’t home.

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5 Excellent Tips For New Parents This Baby Safety Month

If you have a little one in the house, every month is Baby Safety Month – because nothing is more important than maintaining the health, safety and security of your family. At MOBI, we offer consumers wifi baby monitors and digital health thermometers that help you keep everyone in your household on the right track.

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Use Science And Your MobiCam Pet Monitor To Soothe Your Pet – From Wherever You Are

Using sound for soothing pets is big business – but why? A quick glance at just about any music source online shows a wide array of playlists and CDs for calming pets with nature sounds, music and other carefully chosen noises. Hyperactive dogs seem to be a particular target, and some sounds have been shown to have a positive impact on cats and other companion animals as well.

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